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Department of
Environmental Studies

Building environmental champions to help solve the planet’s most pressing problems.

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The environment today is facing fundamental challenges calling for impactful solutions. More than ever before, the planet needs thinkers, analysts, and advocates who can bridge environmental knowledge and stewardship to help uncover and implement solutions by considering the human dimensions of environmental issues.

The Environmental Studies Department educates and empowers students with expertise in policy, communication, leadership, justice, and education to address environmental problems. Through the knowledge and skills students gain at 欧洲杯开户, they can contribute to building an ecologically sustainable and socially just world.

Theresa Selfa, Ph.D.

Meet the Chair

Theresa Selfa, Ph.D.

"If you’re passionate about protecting the planet and building a more sustainable and socially just future, then Environmental Studies is a great path to pursue. We go further than helping students understand the causes and impacts of environmental problems—we teach them how to solve these problems through environmental policy and decision-making processes."

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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Environmental Education and Interpretation

Discover and design impactful ways to connect diverse learners with science and natural and built environments so that they can collaborate to care for our places.

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Environmental Studies

Preparing students with the knowledge and experience to work toward an ecologically sustainable and socially just world.

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Graduate Study

Get an M.S. or M.P.S. in Environmental Studies

Learn more about our Environmental Studies M.S. and M.P.S. programs

Get a Graduate-Level Certificate of Advanced Study

Environmental Decision Making
Environmental Leadership (Online)
Science & Environmental Communication and Public Relations Management (Online)
Environmental Justice & Inequality (Online)

Get a fully online M.P.S. in Environmental Leadership, Justice & Communication

Three online certificates + a capstone project = M.P.S. Degree