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Department of
Environmental Resources Engineering

Developing engineering skills today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Our departmental mission is to engage in teaching, research, and service to advance environmental resources engineering practices and meet the needs of the world. Our faculty strengths are in ecological engineering, geospatial engineering, water resources engineering, and the broader field of environmental resources engineering.

Teaching includes innovative class, lab, and field exercises in foundational and advanced engineering topics, where our flexible curriculum allows students to focus on traditional or novel engineering practices. Students receive a well-balanced education, including courses that consider the social, economic, and environmental impacts of engineering practice, fundamental engineering and environmental engineering courses, and specialized courses that capture the breadth of their field of study.

The ERE department is internationally recognized for coupling research and service, and many of our courses address community needs. We provide unparalleled mentoring to train students in engineering science and design so they can join our alumni as leaders in professional practice and research.

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Lindi Quackenbush, Ph.D.

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Lindi Quackenbush, Ph.D.


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Undergraduate Degree Program

Environmental Resources Engineering

Preparing qualified engineers to operate with professional competence.

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Student Clubs and Organizations

ERE Club

This club familiarizes members with current developments and events in the field of environmental resource engineering. There is an emphasis on professional development and enhancing student-student and student-faculty relationships among those in the ERE curriculum.

Engineering for a Sustainable Society

Engineering for a Sustainable Society (ESS) is a student-initiated university chapter of the national organization. This organization is devoted to implementing low-tech, high-impact, engineering projects as a means of improving the quality of life and environment all over the world.

Engineers Without Borders

The ERE Department maintains a student chapter with the national Engineers without Borders organization, organized by the ESS officers. The 欧洲杯开户 EWB club has been coordinating international projects since 2003 and is active with the local professional EWB chapter.

NY Water Environment Association

The New York Water Environment Association Student Chapter engages students in the water resources profession, with an emphasis on water supply and wastewater systems. The student chapter participates in service activities, professional meetings, seminars and conferences to promote sustainable water quality management in order to create an environmentally sound future.

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