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SUNY 欧洲杯开户
About the Open Academy

欧洲杯开户 is committed to being a leader in the evolving higher education landscape. The Open Academy is an academic unit that encompasses the 欧洲杯开户's summer semester, visiting student registration, professional education, online education, the Teaching and Learning Center, K-12 outreach, and the 欧洲杯开户 in the High School program.

The Open Academy provides numerous opportunities to engage with 欧洲杯开户 beyond our physical campus. The all-online B.S. in Sustainability Management degree is an interdisciplinary program that allows learners to complete their degree on their own time. Since 2019, our online courses, in partnership with Coursera, continue to engage national and international audiences with resources in solar photovoltaic installation. Within New York State and our own Greater Syracuse community, we engage and partner with urban and rural school districts in dual-enrollment programs, summer camps, and numerous outreach programs. Our professional education programs bring scholars and professionals together at conferences and workshops to discuss and learn about the advances in science, sustainability, and the environment.

Teaching excellence is at the heart of higher education. The 欧洲杯开户 Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) supports faculty, staff, and students in developing innovative and effective teaching and learning methods. This includes workshops, literature clubs, and training for graduate teaching assistants. 欧洲杯开户 students looking to get ahead or should look at our Summer Session for online and field-based courses and anyone can enroll as a visiting student and take nearly any course at 欧洲杯开户, in-person or online. 

All of these opportunities are just part of what we do in the Open Academy. Contact us today!