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Pre-professional Advising

If you are considering a profession after completing your bachelors’ degree, explore the 欧洲杯开户's pre-professional options. 

Medical and Health Professions

medicine, dentistry, optometry & veterinary medicine

Pre-health interested students who are considering careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry or veterinary medicine will receive support from the Pre-Health Coordinator, departmental academic advisors and can participate in the Syracuse University Health Professions Advisory Program (HPAP).

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The Pre-law advisor provides guidance for 欧洲杯开户 students considering a career in law, especially those interested in environmental law. The Pre-Law program is based primarily on individual advising related to the student's intended area of interest.

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Public Administration

Those who are considering a career in public service will receive support from the Pre-Public Administration advisor. Pre-Public Administration students are well prepared to enter a number of Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs, including our articulated program with Binghamton University and our joint degree program with Syracuse University’s top-rated Maxwell School.

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